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About us

The ADVENTURETIME Project has been created by keen and purposeful people. It’s dedicated to trips and expeditions, landscape photography and workshops which are held in various spots of our wonderful Planet. Our aim is to unite brave and spiritually strong people – those who want to live to the full and not to just spend time, those who strive to discover new sites of life and who is not afraid of moving forward. Each of us has come up to this project by himself and independent from others, but as it often happens our dreams were destined to unite and to turn into a genuine Idea. We’re sincerely thankful to all who has taken an active part in organizing and developing our project from the very first day. We value your opinion very much. We think it important to know of which places you’ve been dreaming and where you would like to travel to with us. We invite all our old and new friends to share our hobby and passion. Time has come. Time to travel. Time to live.

Vladimir Kushnarev

Landscape photographer, guide.
Graduated from Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. The first thing he does in the country of final destination is to call a taxi and to call for the Ambassador. He claims that he was taught to do so.

Olga Kapustina

Photographer, guide. Specializes in Scandinavia. She’s friends with the embassadors of all the Arctic circle countries. Sometimes we have to take away her foreign passport following her husband and the children’s request.

Maxby Chan

In advancing his childhood dream as a travel photographer, he has organised more than a hundred specialised photo trips for members and photo enthusiasts to various parts of the world under the photosafari banner. 

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